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This week, (ending 27 April) newspapers and TV media have been full of rose-tinted chatter concerning the UK statistical office quarterly announcements. Apparently a ‘triple dip recession’ has been avoided. Bravo! We are all supposed to cheer. The three stooges … Continue reading

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Shirt-pulling, tripping, elbowing, foot-stamping, punching, kicking, holding, cheating, studs-up leg attacks, racial abuse – and that’s only on the pitch! Now ‘biting’ has been added to the ‘professional fouls’ incorporated into the self-styled beautiful game. Off the pitch, punching, racist … Continue reading

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The death and funeral arrangements for Margaret Thatcher have vividly revealed the two great class divisions within the dis-United Kingdom of Britain. There are those for Thatcher and those against. And the bizarre spectacle of austerity Britain (for workers and … Continue reading

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Social production – the real foundation of humanity. To be really radical is to grasp things at their root and this is an absolutely necessity in the current economic and financial crisis. In this context, it can hardly be denied … Continue reading

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How fitting that the ruthless female champion of rampant capitalism, Margaret Thatcher, died in the opulent confines of an exclusive hotel – where only the bourgeois elite can afford to stay. She has been personally blamed for many things; the … Continue reading

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