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War is Murder.

This US Memorial Day Remember War Is Murder. Re-blogged from Earth Meanders by Dr. Glen Barry,  May 25, 2014 This Memorial Day, as America lionizes the bravery and sacrifice of its soldiers, try if you can to step aside … Continue reading

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The response by Turkey’s President Erdogan, to the recent mining disaster in Soma Turkey, amounted to nothing more than a blasé ‘off-hand‘ remark; eg ‘These type of things happen all the time’. Such a complacent and blatant disregard for the … Continue reading

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In two previous articles, (Uprisings and Revolutions 1 and 2) the results of research into previous revolutionary transformations, listed five major stages of struggle in overthrowing a ruling political elite and five further stages needed to accomplish a post-capitalist form … Continue reading

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