Sectarianism and the question of a General Strike.

The recent question on how to ‘get a General Strike’ by the SWP is sadly a typically ill-thought out rhetorical enquiry reminiscent of the many proposals made by numerous sectarian left groups in the 1990’s. And it probably stems from the same motivations. 1. the delusion that a few people, usually in the leadership ranks of a sectarian group, are capable of articulating the ’correct’ strategies or ‘solution’ for every stage of the struggle against capital. 2. The attempt during a period of unrest to appear the most radical group in order to attract new members. Such reckless and premature schemes to instigate General Strikes did then (in the 90’s) and does now a great disservice to the actual struggle facing working people. In general there are lots of problems with inappropriately advocating this tactic for it trivialises the preparations necessary for the success of such an important class-wide action and ignores the actual social and economic circumstances which are necessary for its usefulness in the process of transforming the existing crisis-ridden capitalist system. The fact that to some people ‘it sounds like a good idea’ – is simply not sufficient reason to raise such a serious question and particularly from within the ranks of a small organisation, that according to a number of former members, is itself in something of an internal crisis.

In the case of the preparations for a General Strike in the UK by the Triple Alliance (1919 – 1921) despite the incredibly detailed planning, (alternative money printed, local committees and food distribution networks formed, etc), despite the fortuitous circumstance and extensive support among workers, the trade union leadership of the day were prepared to, and able to, sabotage the entire project. When the circumstances had changed and the previous preparations had atrophied, the eventual General Strike called in 1926 was easily defeated with momentous and long-lasting set-backs for working people. The whole history of that struggle has been insufficiently studied, evaluated and disseminated among the anti-capitalist left, let alone sufficiently informing the broad movements of working people. Furthermore, the circumstances in 2011 UK I suggest are still far from those which warrant the posing of such a serious and important question, which in any case should emerge from the actual development of the struggle itself, rather than from any individual sects urging. The very question of such a momentous stage in the struggle against capitalism, needs lengthy discussion and the clear presentation of the successes and failures such strikes have had. For if such an idea is not already being widely discussed and absorbed within and among the organised and unorganised workers it has little chance of occurring. Plus if it has not become widely obvious to all, that such a step and its subsequent implications to many, are not only possible, but millions are ready for it because nothing else has worked, then such calls are premature and can even be self-defeating.

This call by one ’left’ group and not others, also illustrates another crucial problem in the contemporary struggle against the systems reactionary developments. It is the complete fragmentation of the left, into competing mini-organisations. Each one of whom imagine they are the basis of some future leading vanguard which only needs augmenting by a sufficient infusion of militant workers. The role of such groups in any future mass actions will in some cases be counter-productive for they will not only continue to confuse people with the use of ill-thought out slogans and terminology, but also serve to nurture separate solidarity actions in which they promote their own particular line, irrespective of its resonance or otherwise with the class movement as a whole. In some cases, as they have in the past, they will formally or informally boycott solidarity actions which they do not ‘lead’ or do not fully agree with. In one of many statements about this trend of anti-capitalist sectarianism, Marx noted;

“..The sect sees its raison d’etra and its point of honour not, in what it has in common with the class movement, but in the particular shibboleth which distinguishes it from the movement.” (Marx to Schweitzer 13/10/1868. Marx Engels, Selected Correspondence. Page 201.)

The date of the above letter is informative with regard to the longevity of sectarianism within the left in general. Its continuance still plagues the anti-capitalist movement as it did during Marx‘s lifetime. When Marx later declared he was not a ‘Marxist’ it was this trend he was disassociating himself from. These important observations get precious little consideration these days. It is, therefore, worth considering the range of sectarian characteristics which are manifested by such behaviour within the anti-capitalist movement.

a) The characteristics of Sectarianism.

1. Sectarians maintain they have the solution, the ‘key’ to problems in their doctrines or principles.
2. The reason for their existence is some ‘special’ criteria which sets them apart from the rest.
3. Sectarians have a religious-type unshakeable belief in their correctness and humanities ‘need’ for their guidance.
4. Sectarians carry out serious struggle against each other even in the face of common danger.
5. Sectarians often elevate trivialities to the level of principles in order to keep themselves separate or to engineer a split.
6. Sectarians often shout loudest for unity, whilst continuing to undermine it by their actions.
7. Sectarians are often extremely bitter polemicists and frequently poison the atmosphere of debate.
8. Sectarians are often boastful and arrogant, in their actions and their certainty of being ‘correct’.
9. Sectarians are generally satisfied by logical deductions and the use of abstractions.
10. Sectarians, explicitly or implicitly demand that the whole opposition movement should follow them.

This list is constructed from the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky and yet it is possible to find groups simultaneously displaying several of these characteristics and some even displaying them all, yet claiming to follow one or more of the above named anti-capitalist intellectuals. So it is worth noting the implications of such sectarian activity taken from the same sources.. This time I have included the particular source of the opinion.

b)The effects of Sectarianism.

1. It repels serious working people. (Trotsky)
2. Sectarianism is essentially reactionary. (Marx)
3. Sectarians do not create leaders among working people. (Lenin)
4. Where they exist they infect or adulterate the workers movement. (Engels.)
5. Sectarians transform theory into dogma. (Marx/Engels/Lenin.)
6. Sectarianism is a pernicious menace. (Lenin)

c) The causes of Sectarianism.

1. The immaturity of the working class movement. (Marx)
2. Certain people become static and cannot advance. (Engels)
3. A downturn or an ebb in the revolutionary movement. (Trotsky)
4. The existence within the movement of people with force and ability who think themselves and their ideas as superior.(Marx/Engels/Trotsky.)

Since human beings are products, not simply of natural processes, but of the form of human society in which they live, we can also trace the underlying cause of modern sectarianism in the nature of modern capital-dominated society. It is obvious that the influences of the external world (natural and social) upon human beings manifest themselves as thoughts, feelings, reflexes and tendencies in the brains of individuals and groups. We also know that the world dominated by capital is characterised at every level by contradictions; between wealth and poverty; co-operation and competition; ideology and practice; rhetoric and reality etc. It is therefore inevitable that these and similar contradictions manifest themselves, in the political structures of modern society. From the working class perspective we see this intrusion most profoundly in the reformist political parties and trade union movements with their respective oligarchic controls. From time to time, these contradictions also emerge within the anti-capitalist movement. How could they not? Capital dominated societies, due to their material circumstances, not only produce thoughts and feelings of solidarity emanating from the experience of working and oppressed classes, but also those of competition and accentuated individualism much of which haemorrhages corrosively from the experience of other classes.

We are all subject to these conflicting and contradictory pressures. Despite any good intentions (or in some cases grandiose pretensions), the numerous ‘brands’ of ‘left’ groups competitively struggling among the masses, for superior ‘product identity’, have in many ways become a distorted reflection of the capitalist ‘service sector’ – also limited only by their own niche-market customer base. The two extreme ‘poles’ of socialised production and individual capitalist advocacy contained within the totality of capitalist relations, I suggest, are often reflected in the totality of the workers movement by the two extreme ‘poles’ of workers self-activity and sectarian vanguard superiority.  In other words the elitist assertion of leaders and led. In this sense, anti-capitalist sectarianism and vanguard elitism (for me, two sides of the same bourgeois ideological currency) are direct manifestations of the bourgeois and petite-bourgeois competitive ethos within the workers movement. As such they need to be consistently and strenuously opposed. If they are not, they will remain a primary source of division and disunity among the working class anti-capitalist forces. In addition, without continuous, careful identification and isolation, in the event of a successful, overthrow of the capitalist system, sectarianism will also become the main cause any future post-capitalist degeneration – as it did so disastrously in the Soviet experiment 1917 – 1922, before Stalin and his clique took it to its logical conclusions.

d) The cures for Sectarianism.

Of course there can be no hope of overcoming sectarianism within the anti-capitalist workers movement unless it is recognised that a serious problem of sectarianism exists. In my view a difficulty in the past in clearly recognising the extent of the problem has been caused by the lack of sufficient analysis of its characteristics. By using the previous lists of characteristics and effects we can examine our own and others conduct in the continuing struggle against capital and take the necessary steps to oppose it where it exists. I suggest the following points as logical steps in that process.

1. A determination to get rid of sectarianism.
2. A refusal to allow different interpretations to prevent a positive unity of the anti-capitalist movement.
3. The elevation of the needs of the anti-capitalist workers movement above the needs of ones’ own group and questioning the reason for the groups’ separate existence.
4. A refusal to hero worship individuals.
5. A re-examination of the concept of leadership within the revolutionary struggle against capital.
6. The identification of working-class men and women as non-sectarian facilitators among their class and the anti-capitalist movement.

We can see from the combined analysis of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, that sectarianism is an egocentric pattern of behaviour. A pattern which displays arrogance and an unshakeable belief in the correctness of a particular set of views – often in the form of logical deductions, speculative ‘abstractions’ and political ‘trade marks’. In its political form it is a deep seated and long lasting tendency within and around left wing revolutionary, anti-capitalist and even nationalist politics. As with religious sectarianism, it is ideologically parasitic on the humanist aspirations of those suffering exploitation and oppression and wishing to end it. For sectarians (religious and political) feed off this humanistic aspiration, in order to justify their existence, whilst they simultaneously destroy it by their divisive practices. Practices that only serve to undermine the potential achievement of those post-capitalist aspirations.

We need only ask ourselves a few simple but searching questions at this point. What would be the result of giving such sectarian individuals considerable power? If anti-capitalist (or religious) sectarians were ever to succeed in their quest to have the working class put them in power, what would happen? If, as a result of an anti-capitalist or anti-imperialist revolution they found at their disposal armed forces of coercion with the power and authority to implement their ideas, how would they go about it? Points 1 to 10 (in the previous contribution) provide us with an indication of how these questions might be answered. We need only go back over those ten points one by one and ask ourselves how sectarians with full control of state power would conduct themselves; with power to implement their policies with an unshakeable belief in their correctness. Men of arrogance and extreme bitterness – in control of weapons of oppression and destruction. Some sectarians even without state power can be dangerous enough in unleashing indiscriminate acts of vilification, character assassination, vengeance and even terror, it makes one shudder to contemplate their control of even greater forces. Can we really expect such people to lead humanity into a non-oppressive future? The effects as summarised in points 1 to 6 (section ‘b’ above) are serious enough when the sectarians in question have little or no power and authority. To see the extreme effects of these political sectarian characteristics, when displayed by men with unlimited power to back them up, we need only examine reality as it unfolded in Cambodia under Pol Pot, in the Soviet Union under Stalin, or for that matter, under National Socialism in Nazi Germany.

Although it is quite correct to apply the term ‘sectarian’ to small groupings which display divisive and bigoted behaviour by sectarian ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’, these characteristics are not necessarily exclusive to small groups. They are merely more frequently found there. The characteristics of sectarianism, since they arise from the actions of individuals, singly and in groups, can arise within large political movements as well as small ones. It should be noted, therefore, that sectarian behaviour takes place wherever the mixture of the previously noted characteristics is strong enough to organise as a distinct political (or religious) tendency or manifest itself within one. It is essential to recognise the full range of sectarian characteristics, identified and not just the most extreme or bizarre. Otherwise, groups or individuals, who are thoroughly sectarian, yet do not manifest the more extreme symptoms, can mask their sectarianism, for long periods of time. Long enough to do important damage to the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist struggle. All the characteristics are important, but in one sense it is more important that the subtle and hidden characteristics of sectarianism are given serious consideration. It is obvious that the more bizarre aspects are easily identifiable, whilst other aspects can go on almost unnoticed – until it is too late!

Once in existence sectarianism is divisive, corrosive and leads to disgust and disillusionment amongst working people and others in the anti-capitalist struggle and in other struggles against oppression. It could not be otherwise in movements with a humanist purpose, because sectarianism so clearly contradicts that purpose. This much could perhaps have been established by a study of existing sectarian organisations and without recourse to the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky. However, the response of sectarians, claiming orthodoxy with Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky, may have led to attempts to rebuff such challenges. Many are often in what elsewhere, might be classified as – a psychological state of ‘denial’. Alternatively, many undoubtedly claim that their ready-made answers and ‘unshakeable beliefs’ derive from a superior knowledge of their originators thoughts. Sectarian defensive rationalisation often attempts to represent its bitterness and poison as revolutionary zeal and political steel; their use of logical deductions and abstractions as flowing from their advanced theoretical grasp. Now at least, in order to rationalise any continued sectarianism, anti-capitalist sectarians will have to take into account their own ideological forerunners.

To sum up.

It should no longer escape the notice of anyone but the most dogmatic and blind sectarian, that sectarianism is not just a minor aberration, but cuts to the very heart of the opposition to the capitalist system. In all its forms, religious and political the tendency focuses on differences and exacerbates divisions. It’s anti-capitalist adherents turn materialist dialectics into fixed categories or dogma. They frequently make ill-judged demands upon workers along with inappropriately idealistic calls, such as the above one ‘to follow other countries where general strikes’ have allegedly taken place. All this before adequate preparations and serious evaluations have taken place. As a political tendency, 21st century sectarianism invariably repels serious working people and other potential anti-capitalists, as it did in the 19th and 20th. Marx considered sectarianism as quite simply reactionary! There can be no greater verbal indictments than those encountered so far. The implications of these combined observations are clear. Sectarianism, within the ranks of those opposed to the capitalist or imperialist system, can undermine that opposition to such a degree that it becomes a significant factor – if not the most significant factor in the present period. A factor which is effective in preventing unity of the anti-capitalist forces. In the 21st century it is not enough simply to be part of the anti-capitalist struggle: in order to further that struggle, we need also to seriously combat sectarianism.

[The above article contains material from chapter 1 of a book ‘Revolutionary-Humanism and the Anti-capitalist Struggle’, by R. Ratcliffe. Copies of which can be obtained by contacting Roy at; (]

For a further update on sectarianism in its more subtle modern forms see

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28 Responses to Sectarianism and the question of a General Strike.

  1. Annos says:

    Sectarianism, has become the formula for defeat by division.

  2. Annos says:


    As a true brother and comrade I will tell you my thoughts on all that is happening.

    Everything that is going on at this moment in time I knew was going to happen back in 1964, I NEVER for one moment thought it would happen as soon as it has, I thought it would at the very earliest not occur until 2030-2050. I knew in 1981 it was coming sooner then I had thought! (another story).
    I have never been wrong in what I thought, except my timelines, they were wayout!!!.

    It doesn’t in the least matter what you think of my message to you, you will very soon see for yourself that I have told you the truth. You will know when the following sequences start to occur…

    1) Collapse of the global financial system.
    2) Declared state of emergency here in the UK.
    3) The forming of a tri-party government in the UK.
    4) Suspended elections (until after the emergency).
    4) The rounding up of dissidents/agitators, etc, trials and…

    Roy, the writing is on the wall, if I were a leading and even not a leading voice in the left movment, I would keep a travel bag at the ready and a plan already worked out as to where to run to, there will be a SMALL window of opportunity to get out, that will close VERY quickly. I wouldn’t be going to south America, that is going to turn into bloodbath in time, nor to any western type country. Where to go ?, somewhere VERY, VERY remote.

    I can tell you this, all that has happened and all that is going to happen was all planned out to happen a longtime ago, this will be the most terrible century in the history of mankind.

    As a true comrade I tell you this, you have nothing to lose by taking heed, everything to gain.

    I could say so much more to you, but it would turn into a book!. I have told a few others on the left, friends and comrades that I know, they have said nothing back to me. There is nothing more I can say to you or to them.

    If you do take heed, remember this, if in the future you ever think about coming back as you think it is now safe to do so…DON’T, it will never be safe to come back, they are playing for keeps this time. I have told you the truth in all this.

    Solidarity Comrade.

  3. Steve Wallis says:

    You make some very good points but don’t talk about the pros and cons of a 24 hour versus an all out general strike.

    When I was in the Militant Tendency (now Socialist Party) there was a big protest against pit closures. We called for a 24-hour general strike for much the same reasons you give – particularly about needing to be prepared for something so serious as an indefinite strike (as implicitly called for by the SWP, even if their position was not clear on that – I don’t know).

    The SWP recruited a lot on that demo while we hardly recruited any at all. At the time I thought our position was a mistake, although I was later won over. The slogan of a 24-hour general strike to bring the government down sounds farfetched though – it can only be the first step.

    In the current circumstances, unaffiliated to any Marxist organisation, I prefer to call for a general strike without specifying its longevity. If it is to be called by the TUC, the first such strike is bound to be 24 hours long anyway!

  4. Hi Steve! Yes of course there is much I left out of the above article since its main focus was on the sectarianism of the left. The General Strike issue was briefly raised as an example of such calls being made by competing left sectarian groups. However, despite the brevity, you will note also that I emphasise and criticise ‘inapproriate’ calls and do not dismiss the tactic completely. However, the use of such a tactic, devised as it was in the late 19th century when a large proportion of the working class was organised in trade unions and worked in manufacturing industry, now needs careful 21st century consideration. For that economic and social composition is no longer the case. (See workers and others in the 21st century’ on this blog. Other factors need to be considered and clearly explained I suggest. For example, what is the purpose of the general strike short or long? There is very little clarity of purpose in many of the proposals I have seen. Another is ‘what is the mood of the general population and what is their role?’. The 1926 UK general strike was defeated by a combination of public opposition and indifference as well as state oppression. The Greeks have had a score of general strikes recently? What has been accomplished and what are the lessons? Very little seems to have been done with regard to researching either the history or the contemporary manifestations of this method of protest.
    Regards, Roy

    ps The link to the article workers and others;

  5. Annos says:


    Always remember this…

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882-1945.

  6. Annos says:

    “A few powerful men have hijacked our economic, financial and political structure. They aren’t socialists or capitalists. They’re criminals.”

    • Hi There! I think that is probably how the capitalists would like us to see it, that the problem is just a few criminal men hijacking ‘our’ economic system. That way they get people to consider getting rid of the ‘bad apples’ and taking back our economic and political system. In fact it is not ‘our’ economic system if we view it from the position of the working and oppressed classes. It is ‘theirs’. Similarly it is not just a few powerful men, although such people do exist, it is a powerful class which controls the entire system and it includes a few powerful women as well now making it clear that it is a class issue not just a gender (or race) issue. Female, Black, Asian, White, Christian, Islamic, Jewish Capitalists are all supportive parts of the global system. See the ‘Five-fold Crisis of Capitalism’ and ‘Capital and Crisis’ for a more detailed look at the ‘system’.

      Regards, Roy


  7. Hi There Anos!
    I think that is probably how the capitalists would like us to see it, that the problem is just a few criminal men hijacking ‘our’ economic system. That way they get people to consider getting rid of the ‘bad apples’ and taking back ‘our’ economic and political system. In fact it is not ‘our’ economic system if we view it from the position of the working and oppressed classes. It is ‘theirs’. Similarly it is not just a few powerful men, although such people do exist, it is a powerful class which controls the entire system and it includes a few powerful women as well now – making it clear that it is a class issue not just a gender (or race) issue. Female, Black, Asian, White, Christian, Islamic, Jewish Capitalists are all supportive parts of the global system. See the ‘Five-fold Crisis of Capitalism’ and ‘Capital and Crisis’ for a more detailed look at the ‘system’.

    Regards, Roy

  8. Annos says:

    Hi Roy,

    Reading your writings, I find that there is not a lot of differance in thoughts between you and I, at times I find it errie that we think so much alike. One differance (and it may well be the only one really) is that you are very much more postive about the future then I am.

    I don’t for one second think that the capitalists who rule us are idiots or fools, far from it, I think they are some of the most clever, highly intelligent people on the planet, but, along side that, they are also devoid of anykind of humanity, morals or scruples, being a megalomaniac is indentured into their very being. Many socialists and (inspite of what they say) almost all capitalists don’t believe that God exists, for them to say they do is just a tool to gain adventage with those who truly do. To socialists it makes no differance, we should all live our lives in a loving, caring and thoughtful way to all our brothers and sisters, we are all one big family, to capitalists it means, there is no God, therefore, there is no sin, we shall act and do as we please and never have regrets at what we do. Indeed, capitalists cultivate their children into their way of thinking, it goes on through their generations, they send them to very expensive schools to out think those who would oppose them.

    I will explain putting the article above on in the following two posts, I take them from two posts I put on another forum, I just “copy and paste” them for you, here are my thoughts on the article and what I think is going to happen…

    “My own thoughts on it are that there is a lot more to the article then what it say’s, all that is happening is not happening by accident, it can’t be, the writing was on the wall many, many years ago, nothing was done to stop it, why!. There is something else going on, we didn’t get where we are by what the article say’s, the article just talks in the main about the effects. I think we are only just entering into the nightmare of what is to come. Whatever happens, I think it was all VERY well planned out to happen along time ago, still, we will have to wait and see if I am right or wrong, one way or another we won’t have long to wait.”

    Another post I put on the same site in answer to another poster…

    “Its all to do with the preparation for the running out of global resources, some say there is one hundred years left, some say fifty years left, I tend to think it is nearer the fifty years, could be a lot less ?. Under the “capitalist system” that means big trouble for a “capitalist system”, people will turn to a more left system, it will indeed be a major shift to the left. The powers that be know this, they are not under ANY circumstances going to allow that to happen, that is not in their intrest.
    They are at this moment creating an environment of mayhem as an excuse to impose a system that will stop that from happening, science and technology have given them the power to accomplish this, it will slide evermore to a much more brutal form of authoritarian rule.”

    Well Roy, that is my thoughts on what is happening….I hope, I really hope, I am WRONG!.

    • Hi Annos!

      It does seem like we think along very similar lines! And thank you for keeping up the communication. I wrote an article in 2011 which is very much in line with some of what you say. Its called FINANCE, FAT-CATS AND FASCISM. (Another authoritarian occupation in Europe?) and it is on my blog at

      Regards, Roy


      • Annos says:


        You hit the nail on the head with that article Roy!, “errie”.

        I would love to talk about the run upto WW11 with you, and what happened after it!!!, maybe another time. I have some links where I used to spend a lot of time, you may not know about them ?, here are some you may like…

        I hope the sites are of some use to you Roy ?.

      • Hi Annos!

        Thanks again for the comments and links! I will try to follow them up. I say try because I am very busy at the moment with a few projects apart from my keeping my blog up to date. 1. I am compiling a beginers guide to anti-capitalism, with short two-page precise of the major terms used in the anti-capitalist mileu. A sort of jargon-buster if you like for any future newcomers to the movement as the crisis gets deeper. 2. I am making up-to-date notes from the three volumes of capital for publication which will save people ploughing through the three volumes in order to make their own detailed sense of the capitalist system. 3. I am half-way through a book on the rise of religious fundamentalism and the problems it causes for the struggle against capitalism. 4. I am reformatting my earlier book ‘Revolutionary-humanism and the Anti-Capitalist Struggle, in order to publish it electronically so people can down load it. I have only a few printed copies left and the new medium would be much easier to deal with.

        By the way if you would like a printed copy of the latter, send me an address via email to and I will post a copy to you free of charge.

        Regards, Roy

  9. Annos says:

    Thanks Roy, nice to see you are busy trying to help humanity, will they listen ?.

    Please remember the above post brother…”Take heed”.

    Roy, all the very best brother.

  10. Annos says:

    “The UK government’s attempt at broadening Internet censorship does not end with the “opt-in” button on a customer’s broadband account. Web site owners and bloggers who attempt to avoid the government’s filter will be confronted with one of two options—self-censorship or being blocked. Anyone trying to get around the filter will likely be identified, recorded and subjected to extensive network surveillance and online traffic analysis, and face the possibility of an array of allegations.

    The government’s firewall is set to block access by default to web censorship circumventing tools, such as proxy servers and virtual private networks (VPNs). It is highly likely that restricted access to the Tor software bundle, which is free software enabling greater anonymity and connects to the heavily encrypted Tor Network, will also be contained within the censorship filter.”

    “Together with the information made available by Edward Snowden, Cameron’s latest move is a clear indication of the British state’s advanced preparations to implement dictatorial rule.”

  11. Annos says:

    “Now you know why Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, enough ammunition to fight the Iraq war for 12 years, has its own para-military force and 2,700 tanks. If you think the “terrorist threat” in America warrants a domestic armed force of this size, you are out of your mind. This force has been assembled to deal with starving and homeless people in the streets of America.”

  12. Annos says:

    “Paul on the Coming collapse of the dollar & all fiat currencies: Officials in charge of monetary policy are very aware of what’s coming- they believe as long as it is orderly they will be ok…The problem is when people lose confidence in a currency, they lose confidence completely. There’s nothing orderly about it! There’s always a panic, and that’s hard to manage. There will be a day when people will panic in the financial markets, not only in the dollar, but in the world-wide system!”

  13. Annos says:

    “John Whitehead Guest Column–Washington Is Arming Against The Public”

  14. Annos says:

    “4) The rounding up of dissidents/agitators, etc, trials and…”

    “The introduction of the Defence of the Realm Act”

    Due for a revival soon!, and all held in secret courts, those of course are already in place, forward thinking is that!!!.

  15. Annos says:

    “What I see coming in 2015 is the final and greatest economic crash in human history which will devastate all the world economies and brings in a sort of one world government that rules with an iron fist.”

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