Jabs, Jabs and more jabs.

Although it is as yet early days and the numbers infected by Omicron are relatively small, there are some worrying indicators behind the jabber, jabber of government medical and political reassurances that they know what they are doing. First of all, Omicron was already being widely spread before it was officially identified by a South African medical team. This means that not only had vaccine jab number one (along with inadequate transmission precautions) had not halted the Alpha or Delta variants of the pandemic. Moreover, despite ‘official’ health and political elite assurances, vaccine jab number two had not halted the transmission of the two (or more) variants.

Furthermore, it now turns out that despite even more official jabber, jabber by the dominant, pro-capitalist ‘two Jabs’ enthusiasts, this second injection of a secret chemical concoction along with a third ‘booster’ is still not enough. In a study done in Denmark over 80% of those young and middle aged who contracted Omicron had been double jabbed and some also ‘boosted’. Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London concluded that; “..Omicron can evade prior immunity given by infection or vaccination..”. Researchers at Imperial College London who examined data on Omicron infections found no evidence that Omicron was “ less severe than Delta”.

The same research sources estimated that “vaccine effectiveness after two doses at 0% to 20%”. According to this research two doses of this so-called scientific miracle is at best 20% effective – meaning logically it is 80% ineffective! Natural immunity could hardly be worse and probably better than this – weak or suppressed individual immunity excepted. South African Health Minister Joe Phaaiha said that the early reports of Omicron being less virulent was possibly, due to immunity from previous infection. Furthermore, Tyra Grove Krause, a Chief Epidemiologist in Denmark noted that “Denmark’s data shows that people with two doses to be just as vulnerable as the unvaccinated.” So double vaccination has not stopped vaccinated people spreading the virus.

Indeed, even before we knew the Omicron variant existed, it was, like the previous ones being passed from person to person, city to city and country to country along global economic or sport and leisure transport supply lines. This time by people who thought it safe to travel – because they were single or double vaccinated! We need to bear in mind that for the whole of this Pandemic, from January 2020 and forward to January 2022, the global capitalist and pro-capitalist establishment and their witting and unwitting supporters preferred to keep their global system functioning as close to normal as possible, which has allowed virus wave after wave to flood in.

To assist their life-support funding strategy for capitalism, the elite chose to pay astronomical levels of money to large pharmaceutical companies. The irony of this system-induced contradiction is apparently lost on the media. No mention is made of the fact that the capitalist pharmaceutical industry now needs to be given billions to produce a vaccine which is only 20% effective to try to combat a virus that the capitalist supply chain system released from the wild. The double irony being that capitalist industries and businesses needed to be given additional billions to keep them afloat during the half-hearted pandemic restrictions.

Jabber, Jabber and more Jabber.

A critique of this bailout is completely missing from the media jabber as is a critique of the ‘two job’ politicians in Parliaments, Senate’s and Congresses who have handed over billions in their own countries currencies to big Pharmacy for an ineffective ‘two Jab’ profit-based vaccines strategy. Now they are prepared to hand over more millions for a third (booster) with no guarantee that this will end the pandemic either.

In fact according to the officials at the World Health Organisation, the boosters will extend the Pandemic. The logic of this particular line of reasoning is asserted because the spread of the – virus among non-vaccinated countries – means it will mutate there and create new variants. But to this general biological possibility has been added a further slur upon third world countries. In explaining the appearance of Omicron, some media commentators (even some on the left) have suggested that; “…poor and middle – income countries became ‘breeding grounds’ for new variants of the virus.”

Note that in this misguided Eurocentric/Imperialistic view of the world, it seems evolution and the successful mutation of virus species only occurs in poor countries. Amazingly, rich country intellectuals (left, right and centre) cannot imagine their ‘advanced’ countries could be ‘breeding grounds’ for virus mutations. This is despite the fact, that historically the advanced mass-society countries of Europe and North America incubated the influenza, venereal, smallpox diseases and others before devastatingly exporting them in the 19th and 20th centuries to the supposedly poor and middle income countries.

Jabs, jabber and Jet-setting.

In actual fact there is the distinct possibility that any 21st century Covid variant not subdued and defeated by natural or induced bodily immunity in highly vaccinated countries will survive as stronger variants than those which are eliminated. And more damning still is the fact that it is more likely that any surviving and new virus variants including Omicron, is being spread globally by double vaccinated wealthy folk. For it is mostly these who are still jetting about the planet making profitable deals and/or lavishly entertaining themselves on some tropical or sub-tropical beach destination.

Meanwhile, billionaire owners of big-pharma and millionaire shareholders and their paid political advocates particularly those in the advanced countries are reaping in abnormal financial rewards, whilst working people and the poor – of all countries – in addition to suffering from Covid are suffering abnormal poverty, hardship and danger. Food banks are now unable to keep up with the needs placed upon them by ordinary people who have insufficient funds to keep warm, dry and keep hunger at bay – all of which lowers immunity. And all this social abnormality is occurring during a period which is abnormal in so many other ways. Abnormal weather patterns, abnormal levels of pollution, abnormal levels of global warming, abnormal ecological damage and abnormal species loss.

Yet no one in mainstream media, entertainment, finance, medicine, politics and government in the so-called advanced countries are the slightest bit embarrassed about this situation. The connection between the manufacture of huge wealth and the continuing global circulation of industrial pollutants and biological and chemical induced diseases is ignored. For at least two centuries, capitalist daily normality has continued to produce multiple forms of yearly abnormality. The intellectual disease of greed, corruption and ‘individual entitlement’ has dominated the thinking of too many citizens of the capitalist mode of production. This mentality and the economic system which enables and encourages it, continues to stand in the way of creating a healthy population and a healthy planet.

Roy Ratcliffe (December 2021)

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  1. christinahorsfield says:

    Jab,jabs and more jabs .You’ve dealt with this issue in your brilliant article. They’ve not been following the science – if you’re going to do it do it properly or learn to live with the virus.

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