Capitalism and vaccination propaganda.

When considering any product which is manufactured under the capitalist mode of production any sensible person will bear in mind that the bottom line in its production will be profitable investment. The intention of any capital deployed in manufacture and sales will be to maximise the return on investment – or profit! The more profitable the commodity might be, the more the manufacturers of it will extol its virtues and play down its dangers.

Indeed, professional scientists and media people will be employed to both support the alleged virtues of the product and deny or minimise any dangers. One only need bear in mind the history of tobacco and the cigarette. While people were dying of lung cancer, medical science was being used by the tobacco industry to promote the benefits and deny that smoking was detrimental to human health.

Or if the reader is too young to remember this and other instances, then research it and with it also consider the case of ‘lead’ added to petrol. In the latter case, scientists were employed to prove that leaded petrol was a benefit not a damaging factor for communities inundated by motor vehicles. Then there are other lines of inquiry: Scientists once reassured us that, Pesticides, Hydrofracking and Nuclear energy, were not detrimental to life in town and country.

In the context of capitalism, Medicines and Vaccines are particularly profitable products and it is a fact of historical record that medical and scientific experts were used to deny the fact that Thalidomide was unsafe to be used by pregnant mothers; or that Depo-Provera was a safe form of contraception. So can we be really sure that elements of the Medical Industrial Complex are not just as biased in their own interests as those in the Military Industrial Complex?

So when capitalists and pro-capitalists advise the public to take ‘follow the science’ a wise public should ask themselves – whose science, or which view of science? All science within capitalist modes of production is subject to two sources of open (or hidden) deviation from the necessary scientific impartiality. The first is direct financial reward to promote a certain narrative; and the second is present and future possibility of prestige and promotion in sustaining a particular viewpoint.

Anyone who thinks these biases and influences do not apply to the current Vaccines and the vaccination mania that has gripped the world during the Covid 19 pandemic have forgotten a great deal. Ask yourself; has the 200 year checkered history of medical science and human guinea-pig experiments been temporarily set aside or even deliberately ignored, by our high living elite?

Also definitely being ignored is the fact that vaccines are commodities – produced under the specific conditions of domination by capital – with all that, that entails! So in this regard I suggest we also need to consider what we are not being told by this dominant ideological narrative. Those who are for vaccination and those who are against should at least know what they may be getting inside them or avoiding.

What the pro-vaccine narrative omits to say.

1) The vaccine narrative never mentions that most vaccines contain poisonous chemicals or metals such as the mercury based ‘Thimerosal’ (ethylmercury) and often aluminium as ingredients and preservatives. These are often contained in Flu and MMR vaccines. Even at low doses, anything containing residues of mercury are potentially long term hazards to cells (particularly their vital membrane structure) and whole internal organs of otherwise fit and healthy human beings. They can be extremely dangerous in the short term to those individuals with low or compromised immune systems. Thus children, the old, those suffering other infections or damaged organs can be particularly vulnerable to any collateral damage from these substances.

We need to ask ourselves why governments, medical professionals and pharmaceutical representatives have not eagerly revealed a full list of ingredients contained in their vaccines. Or at the very least we should ask ourselves, why they have not openly declared that no mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde or other toxic derivatives have been used in these new Covid vaccines. Ingredients are particularly pertinent as these vaccines are now to be administered not once, but multiple times (3 or 4 so far and counting).

Unnatural ‘elements’ in the human body such as metallic based inorganic materials, such as those noted above, can be incrementally stored in organs, such as kidneys, heart and brain. Moreover the pro-vaccine narrative has failed to mentioned that unused vaccines containing toxic substances cannot be put into landfill sites! Why? Because such vaccine ingredients can be sufficiently unhealthy to life to be classed as hazardous chemicals!

2) Another glaring ommission is the following: Despite current vaccine fetishism and retrospective cure-everything fantasies, most serious diseases and infections since the Victorian period have been eliminated by public health measures – not vaccines. This is because the most important form of individual and collective resistance to all forms of serious contagious illness and diseases are uncontaminated, well-ventilated workplaces, non-crowded modern homes, unpolluted air and water, lowered mental stress, lower physical exhaustion and healthy nutritious food.

Yet all of these public health forms of resistance to illness, epidemics/pandemics and means to raise individual immunity are partially or even fully denied to the working people of countries dominated by capital. This deprivation applies particularly to the old, the poor and the unemployed. For millions of people throughout the globe, their living and working conditions along with their limited access to clean water and nutritious food are a modern day immune depleting scandal.

Note also that the vaccinate the world propaganda of current governments never even mention or suggest such public health prevention measures which would also benefit ordinary working people in other ways. Instead, they urge numerous profitable injections of undisclosed chemical concoctions, the sale of which primarily benefit the owners and shareholders of pharmaceutical companies.

And no mention of Industrial Pathogens.

The capitalist and pro-capitalists elites hope that by fear and panic most people will forget the last two or three generations of working class experience of living and working under the domination of capital. They hope everybody will buy into their multiple vaccine strategy which they mistakenly think will rescue the capitalist mode of production – at the cost of even more lives. However, capitalism’s end game is already in its latter stages. The pathogens and antigens of viruses which can destroy our individual cells are only part of the problem currently facing humanity.

The capitalist mode of commodity production produces industrial pathogens and antigens which like Covid19 are also passed along commodity supply chains. Unlike Covid, these industrial level antigens don’t just enter and destroy individual human cells, but enter and destroy entire ecosystems; they don’t just invade our human lungs, but invade the earths atmospheric lungs; they don’t just give us a raised body temperature, but raise the temperature of the entire planetary body; they don’t just saturate our blood and saliva, but saturate our rivers, lakes and seas.

Roy Ratcliffe (January 2022)

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