As one of the most extremely privileged human beings on earth parted these mortal coils – at one of her many luxurious homes here in the UK – it was possible to simultaneously witness the most abhorrent and degrading human spectacle imaginable. The entire official ‘establishment’ of the UK got down on its intellectual knees and all but grovelled emotionally at the memory of the pageant and palatial extravagance displayed during the life and death of Elizabeth the second.

The hypocrisy on show by the UK elite at this moment is already outstanding, and there are many more ritual events and indulgent eulogies yet to come. We only need consider the unnecessary deaths of ordinary citizens from Covid19, who warrant only a roughly painted heart shape on a bare whitewashed wall, and compare that with the present and coming funeral pomp and spectacle, to recognise hypocrisy in its most blatant Anglo-Saxon form.

The false pretense of virtue by the UK elite in all their various manifestations, (political, legal, economic, military, religious and media) has been starkly revealed by the death of a person whose family once –  in the distant past – designated itself as royal. These ‘royals’ are in fact human beings, biologically just like the rest of us, but who have lived their entire lives in the most extravagant parasitic luxury.

Moreover, that luxury is paid for by the taxes and rents of the poor and low-paid workers who are actually essential to the society they live in. In contrast, royalty, apart from unenlightened pageant and spectacle, are only actually essential to themselves. That is why most other countries in the world have told their royals to leave their palaces to the people and go and get a proper job and start to really ‘earn’ a living, rather than living off the efforts of others.

Furthermore, when comparisons are made between the few minutes of UK silent remembrance for poor young soldiers killed in defending royal privilege during two world wars and the servile hyperbola gushing from the trumpeting throats of the high and mighty, the level of disgust recently stimulated by party gate hypocrisy will hopefully be exceeded.

It is worthwhile remembering that no one in the UK voted to support a royal family and a royal estate covering multiple palaces, castles, houses and their extensive and exclusive grounds. These particular parasitic people were foisted upon us by appointment, activated by the type of aristocratic and political elite, who are now genuflecting over the death of a woman who had enjoyed a complete lifetime of utter indulgent privilege.

This current elite, knows the rest of us are facing existential crises of various magnitudes, yet they will now orchestrate an expensive funeral and celebratory events as a convenient distraction from their general self-indulgent incompetence.

This, as much as anything, sums up the complete social bankruptcy of the privileged classes, here and elsewhere and the servility of those who sheep-like bleat a thoughtless echo of elite cant and hypocrisy. Their socioeconomic system is collapsing around them, with essential insects, animals, plants air, seas and water either exterminated or polluted daily 24/7, all done in the process of maintaining systems of wealth and privilege.

The essential working people, who keep everything moving in the UK public and private infrastructure, are facing heating poverty, food insufficiency, job and home loss and illness, yet the elite here still prefer to put most things on hold whilst they loudly celebrate and humbly worship, the past and present ancient systems of hyper privilege. These are obsolete ‘traditions’ to which they now cling like fretful children clinging onto a comfort blanket or threadbare teddy.

Roy Ratcliffe (September 2022)

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