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As was to be expected, the western political elite this month have demonstrated their complete inability to see the wood for the trees. This week the world was treated to the surreal spectacle of so-called world ‘leaders’ mounting the rostrum … Continue reading

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Variety and uniformity along with unity and diversity are often counter-posed as opposites, yet this phenomenon of unity opposed to diversity or diversity opposed to unity is rarely found in real life. Nevertheless, the former is frequently active within the … Continue reading

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In part 1 of the evidence base for the full characteristics of sectarianism the opinions of Marx and Engels on the phenomena were presented. In this second part I will present the views of Lenin and Trotsky. Given that both … Continue reading

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Previous articles I have published concerning sectarianism have been in the form of summaries of the basic characteristics of this trend. For this reason they have lacked the evidence from which these summaries have been drawn. Despite this obvious lack … Continue reading

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In a previous article (‘Sectarianism and the question of a general strike) I identified ten characteristics of sectarianism obtained from the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Despite my severe reservations concerning the Leninist and Trotskyist positions and traditions, … Continue reading

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As the present economic and financial crisis deepens, more working people and other sections of society will undoubtedly come to question the continuation of the capitalist system. However, exactly at that point they will be confronted with the spectre of … Continue reading

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This article is another in the series which is aimed a encouraging modern anti-capitalists to engage with the authentic revolutionary-humanist understandings of Karl Marx. Simply accepting the abstractions and assertions of the numerous varieties of so-called ’Marxists‘ at their face … Continue reading

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A simple proposal for a new anticapitalist left.

by Simon Hardy I along with a number of other members of Workers Power in Britain, Austria and the Czech Republic have resigned from the organisation. The global capitalist crisis has posed tremendous questions for the radical left about how … Continue reading

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