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The different treatment of three recent sets of fatality statistics, indicate once again the unbridled hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxon, neo-con elite and their supporters. First, there are the 295 casualties suffered by those aboard Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. Second … Continue reading

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Like any other sector of bourgeois capitalist societies, the political class can and often does develop its own discrete interests and evolutionary path.  At times these political sectors can depart from the interests of the capitalist system as a whole, … Continue reading

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Over recent weeks there has been a torrent of claims and counter-claims by various pro-capitalists and their supporters of what is authentic and legitimate with regards to community self-organisation and voting in elections or referendums. For example, Spain’s Government declared … Continue reading

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In two previous articles, (Uprisings and Revolutions 1 and 2) the results of research into previous revolutionary transformations, listed five major stages of struggle in overthrowing a ruling political elite and five further stages needed to accomplish a post-capitalist form … Continue reading

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Predictably, the events in the Ukraine continue their downward path as more citizens in some of its regions, fear the IMF/Nato path the new Kiev government has embarked upon. Instead of re-assuring all its citizens they will be consulted about … Continue reading

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Those who have been led to believe that the western ‘Allied’ countries who fought the Second World War were fighting to end Fascism, must be puzzled by recent events in the Ukraine.  For in the last few months politicians in … Continue reading

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The referendum vote in Crimea has predictably swung the way of becoming part of the Russian Federation and Russia has signed an agreement to accept this new status. The speed of this development has caught the European and US pro-capitalist … Continue reading

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A new Crimean War? It is a truism that the first casualty of war is the truth. There are already good reasons for asserting that this exists in the current war of words between the Anglo-Saxon coalition of Capitalist governments … Continue reading

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