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The different treatment of three recent sets of fatality statistics, indicate once again the unbridled hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxon, neo-con elite and their supporters. First, there are the 295 casualties suffered by those aboard Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. Second … Continue reading

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War is Murder.

This US Memorial Day Remember War Is Murder. Re-blogged from Earth Meanders by Dr. Glen Barry,  May 25, 2014 This Memorial Day, as America lionizes the bravery and sacrifice of its soldiers, try if you can to step aside … Continue reading

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GUANTANAMO: A pinnacle of depravity!

Over the past 100 years there have been many examples of how brutal, heartless and depraved some members of the human species can become. It seems there are no extremes to which some of our citizens will go if they … Continue reading

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