It may beggar belief that the Zionist State of Israel can bomb and blitz the poor un-armed citizens of Gaza, with hardly a word of condemnation from its own citizens. ‘Not in my name’ is a concept  uttered by only a few citizens of Israel. This absence of humanity or sense of fairness within Israeli society is reflected within the Zionist armed forces.  It is most starkly revealed in the one-sided armament capability available to both sides. One side, the Israeli, has vastly more numbers, vastly superior ground weapons and a total monopoly of air and naval capability. Yet the Palestinian resistance to this barricaded occupation is presented by Israel as the aggressor. The situation truly is a modern day analogue of the mythical sling-shot David facing a well armed Goliath.

It may also confuse some people why this one-sided carnage can continue without any real censure by the political and economic elites of the rest of the world. It has once again become the case that the bourgeois elites of the world put self-interest (financial or electoral) above the general interests of humanity. In this, as with other cases, they can only utter an occasional mealy-mouthed wish for both sides to call a halt to the hostilities, or for a oxymoronically termed humanitarian ceasefire. What is humane about ceasing for a couple of hours the most vicious massacre of men women and children – only to re-commence this one-sided battle of genocidal destruction?

It becomes clear, crimes against humanity are only championed by the pro-capitalist elites if it serves their own personal or class interests to do so.  Otherwise, when not perpetrating them, they turn a blind eye, collude with or excuse such crimes.  Yet the repeated criminal mass killings of civilians in Gaza again reveals that Israel can only be classed as a rogue state.  If  Operation ‘Cast Lead’ in 2008/9 awoke much of the world to the all-out brutal and inhuman punishment of which Zionists are capable, then the current operation ‘Protective Edge’ should wake up the rest. If not then humanity has a long way to go before being able to create any form of society worthy of lasting value. Bourgeois states in general are bad enough, being the apparatus by which its own citizens are exploited and oppressed. Yet those like Israel, based upon the annexing and colonisation of other peoples territory, tend to be even worse.

And Israel is not just any rogue state – it is entirely unique. It is a state for only one particular religion and creed. It is a Jewish State. All other people are of secondary importance and of second class status with regard to the citizens of this state. It was a state formed on the basis of Zionist ideology and created by brutal armed aggression in 1948. The Nakba, or Catastrophe, as the Palestinians named it, which resulted in the declaration of Israel, was the ruthless application of armed force against many unarmed and peaceful citizens of Palestine. It was Zionist ideology which ensured that this 20th century ‘clearing’ of the indigenous people of the Palestinian territory was achieved without any concern for the humanity of the displaced victims.  And it is Zionist ideology which justifies and supports the repeated massacres of Palestinians in the 21st century.

The closest historical analogue to such a rogue state came with the 20th century Nazi dream of an supremacist Aryan race based predominantly in Germany in which all other people were either usefully exploited, ruthlessly dispossessed or Blitzkrieged to death. Not surprisingly the closest analogue to the walled-in situation of Palestinians in Gaza was the walled-in Warsaw Ghetto enforced by the supremacist bullies of the Third Reich. The Nazis have correctly been identified as perpetrating crimes of humanity and as bringing universal shame upon the German nation. Fascism is best described as a disgrace to 20th century humanity.

I find it interesting that finally someone in the United Nations has today (July 30 2014) described the Zionist bombing of UN school and hospital projects in Gaza in exactly these words – ‘the world stands in disgrace’, it is ’an offront’ and the failure to try to prevent or end it has brought ‘universal shame‘. Yet there are still no calls from Europe or North America for sanctions against Israel. Nevertheless, both these sections of the Anglo-Saxon pro-capitalist elite have been busying themselves considering and organising for sanctions against Russia – for much less. The contrast couldn’t be greater.

The Zionist State is guilty of war crimes. Shame upon those who stay silent and inactive in face of this savage onslaught on defenceless people, be the victims, Palestinians, Ukrainians or anyone else. Shame on all those who in greater numbers, armed to the hilt with the latest destructive weaponry, pick on those unarmed or poorly armed and in less numbers and those in the way, to vent their patriarchal masculine viciousness upon. Even from a traditional patriarchal perspective, any gang of armed thugs picking on smaller people, women and children would be judged bullies and cowards.  From a revolutionary-humanist perspective those who take part or support such inhumanity are part of the problem facing humanity and as long as they persist, will never be part of any permanent solution to the other problems we face. Much of the world does indeed ‘stand disgraced‘.

Roy Ratcliffe. (July 2014.)

PS. For more on Israael and its settler state status ee http://blackagendareport.com/content/victim-colonial-settler-shifting-paradigm-israel

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