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On capitalist Colonialism and Imperialism. Undoubtedly, colonisation and Imperial conquest occurred during the ancient Persian, Greek and later Roman civilisations. It was nothing new. However, the modern versions of these socio-economic practices need to be understood within the evolution of … Continue reading

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Over the past decade or more the core nations within the European Union, have been in, or close to a terminal economic and social crisis. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK, are among the worst effected, but these are … Continue reading

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Re-bloged. All out on Saturday 9 August Day of Rage Join the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Movement today. Demand Sanctions on Israel Now. Palestinian trade unions are calling on our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement internationally to … Continue reading

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It may beggar belief that the Zionist State of Israel can bomb and blitz the poor un-armed citizens of Gaza, with hardly a word of condemnation from its own citizens. ‘Not in my name’ is a concept  uttered by only … Continue reading

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The different treatment of three recent sets of fatality statistics, indicate once again the unbridled hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxon, neo-con elite and their supporters. First, there are the 295 casualties suffered by those aboard Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. Second … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘The Trouble with Islam Today’

By Irshad Manji Given the rise of militant Islam in the 20th century, this is an important book, despite its many shortcomings. Where the Muslim author of this book deals with the religion of Islam and its patriarchal violence her … Continue reading

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A short discussion on nationalism took place recently on the ‘Commune’ blog (see blog roll – useful links – below right) which was sparked off by a much needed critical look at the bid for Scottish independence by Barry Biddulph … Continue reading

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The reactionary nature of the Military Junta in Egypt has already been amply demonstrated by its savage treatment of those who protest against its arbitrary rule. Arrests, detentions and brutal treatment of oppositionists and news reporters has been attested and … Continue reading

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