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Only minutes after the announcement that Jeremy Corby had overwhelmingly won the leadership contest within the British Labour Party, the divisions within it were quickly exposed. The first snub by a Labour MP to the winner took place almost immediately … Continue reading

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Capitalist production creates divisions. It was the development and eventual domination of the capitalist mode of production, that created the modern working classes. Before this could happen, ordinary people had to be torn from their previous links to their means … Continue reading

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Left Unity: A contribution to the debate.

In Europe and the USA it is undeniable that there is a growing animosity to the socio-economic domination of banking capital and to the severity of the austerity programmes proposed by all mainstream political parties. As yet this animosity is … Continue reading

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LEFT UNITY – The Three Platforms.

After a number of years of gradual decline in the living and working conditions of the working and oppressed classes in the UK, the process was accelerated by the financial crisis erupting in 2008. This intensified crisis has finally energised … Continue reading

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