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1. Capitalism has long outlived any historical usefulness its many advocates may have claimed. As a system of economic and social organisation it creates the following existential contradictions: Obscene extremes of poverty and wealth; continual wars over resources and markets; … Continue reading

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5. Colonialism/Imperialism. (Dispossession spreads across the planet.) The colonialist and imperialist stages of capital accumulation merely extended the theatre of operations for the dispossession of people from their lands and means of subsistence and/or production. Building upon the previous merchant-capitalist … Continue reading

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Left Unity: A contribution to the debate.

In Europe and the USA it is undeniable that there is a growing animosity to the socio-economic domination of banking capital and to the severity of the austerity programmes proposed by all mainstream political parties. As yet this animosity is … Continue reading

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The form and content of the recent People’s Assembly meeting in London was in many ways predictable. Rousing speeches of how bad the UK situation has become, how bad the nasty Con/Lib/Dem government leaders are. This together with some tokenistic … Continue reading

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Previously I have dealt with the often sectarian nature of calls for general strikes. [see ‘Sectarianism and the question of a General Strike’.] In a later article I presented a brief over-view of the UK social and economic ferment around … Continue reading

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