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In ‘Revolutionary-Humanism (Part 1)’ evidence was provided to establish two important facts that are fundamental to Marx’s analysis of the problems facing humanity. The first thing to be established was that Marx implicitly and explicitly (in the 1844 Manuscripts in … Continue reading

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It has become popular in some left circles to label Islamic movements which bomb and kill as fascist or at least fascistic in their outlook and actions. In contrast others on the left have seen Islamic fundamentalism as a chaotic … Continue reading

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Those who have been led to believe that the western ‘Allied’ countries who fought the Second World War were fighting to end Fascism, must be puzzled by recent events in the Ukraine.  For in the last few months politicians in … Continue reading

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(Another authoritarian occupation in Europe?) On Monday 5th December, only weeks after anti-democratic appointments to governance; Mario Monti in Italy, Lucas Papademos in Greece, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy publicly declared their Vichy style allegiance to the Banksters of international … Continue reading

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