In every part of the world political systems are oozing with elite corruption and mafia style collusion within and between them. Organised crime type gangs of politicians are in every hierarchical nook and cranny of their respective state systems in order to exploit their economies, cheat the taxation protocols and drain all the wealth away from the working people who create it. In the advanced capitalist countries the decades of multicultural positive action has demonstrated that a multicultural, gender inclusive and gay tolerant gang of political exploiters is still a gang of political exploiters; a multicultural, gender inclusive and gay tolerant oligarchy of charlatans is still an oligarchy of charlatans and a multicultural, gender inclusive and gay tolerant upper class are still prepared to grind working people into a multicultural, gender-inclusive and gay tolerant poverty.

In the UK the multicultural, gender inclusive, gay tolerant Cabinet of Ricky Sunak’s Conservative government is just as devious, self-serving and corrupt as the previous all pale-skinned Anglo-Saxon coterie drawn from the wealthiest traditional Conservative families. The ‘nouveau riche’ drawn from the countries of Britain’ former Colonial Empire are just as eager and determined as their indigenous Anglo-Saxon predecessors to enter the back handed  ‘fees on the side’, British Parliament and government. Moreover, whilst in Downing Street, with both feet in more than one luxurious trough, they are just as content as previous ‘establishments’ to starve the essential service and production workers into eventual destitution and submission. This submission is to the abstraction ‘market forces’ which through skillful ‘manipulation’ have made these ‘careless’, tax-returning Chancellors and assorted parliamentary opportunists, disgustingly rich and disgustingly immoral.

Meanwhile in other former colonised countries, sections of the former oppressed people’s in Africa, Indonesia, India, Arabia, South East Asia, South America etc., have become the new authoritarian governing classes. Despite previous suffering from colonialism the new – often dark-skinned – elites are copying their former colonial rulers and milking the struggling economies and peoples for as much wealth as they can stash away in Swiss Banks or other offshore accounts. In North America, having destroyed the Indian Tribal Nations, stolen their land and resources, the US elites then created plantations worked by slaves stolen from Africa and used the invented idea of race to justify it. So extreme is the alienation and exploitation under capitalism that for generations the police forces around the world have been socially and culturally permitted and encouraged to brutalise ordinary working people and women into a condition of subservient obedience to ‘their’ market forces.

In the USA, having recruited a multicultural and gender inclusive police force, trained in that same brutalised bourgeois authoritarian cultural tradition, the North American media commentators have apparently been shocked this month. The fact that multiple  Afro-American police officers meted out to Tyre Nichols, a fellow US citizen of Afro-American descent, a similar type of brutality that befell George Floyd and hundreds of others was greeted with incredulity. The media apparently do not know that the history of hierarchical mass society brutality and indifference, indicates that like Covid, it is a socio-biological contageous disease. It is transmissible across all those human populations sufficiently exposed to it.

After all, the same multicultural and gender inclusive government of the USA which trains police officers in their authoritarian duties to serve and oppress, supplies arms and funds to support an illegal, cruel and brutal Israeli occupation of land belonging to Palestinians. Then does the exact opposite and supplies arms and funds to Ukraine to stop an illegal and brutal occupation of Ukraine by a Russian elite. It clearly does not depend upon being opposed to brutality or the principle of territory stealing. It is clear that US elite policly depends upon  who is in the exclusive United Nations ‘club’ of colonisers and exploiters and who is not. Putin is obviously well on his way out of the international cosy nostra ‘family’ of land grabbers and IMF percentage takers.

All this global mayhem, orchestrated by the worlds governing classes takes place alongside an increasing deterioration of climate and weather, pollution and ecological loss which is approaching existential proportions. A stranger to this global world of the 21st century might think that humanity had gone insane to have promoted such a self-indulgent rich elite and at the same time allowed the destruction of communities of essential citizens who provide all the fundamental economic and social activities. However, it seems people can become inured to anything if it goes on for long enough. What has gone on long enough, however, is the lack of a class analysis of the current state of the world and a corresponding recognition that the class we belong to is the defining characteristic of all bourgeois mass societies. The current lack of sustained class solidarity of working people is being starkly revealed in Europe and particularly in the UK at the moment.

Here in the UK, Nurses, Teachers, Ambulance Drivers, Rail workers, Fire Fighters, Bus Drivers and assorted others, have recognised their precarious class situation with regard to the hiked up cost of living initiated by finance capital manipulations. In response they have planned separate collective campaigns to improve their own situation – regardless of the desperation of others. The obvious idea of a larger collective Alliance of working people organising together and assisting each other is somehow missing. Nevertheless, facing down the determined Richi Rich gang of heartless elite predators in control of the lucrative spoils of UK PLC, will take more than uncoordinated sporadic sectional action.

Even a nest of ants or bees, with their extremely limited awareness and material resources would invariably stand or fall together when invaded by a group of predators bent on destroying – from within – their only means of collective existence. And this is exactly what is taking place here in the UK and within all hierarchical mass societies around the globe. So what has happened to the UK’s collective sting? Globally, there is a class struggle between governing elites and the ordinary working people over what kind of society ought to prevail – now and in the future! With the 20th century sectarian atrophy of the anti – capitalist left, it now means that not even the idea of a solidarity alliance of working people, nationally and internationally, is being promoted with any degree of intensity or coherence.

Yet all the other forms of oppression based upon, skin colour, gender, ethnicity, religion and cultural identity, as important as they currently seem to many activists, cannot be addressed satisfactorily until the division of humanity into classes within an elite controlled mode of production is ended. As the historical record confirms, in the immediate, intermediate and final analysis, it is the means and mode of production – and who controls it – that determines practically everything else, for good or bad. And at the moment it is extremely obvious that in fundamental ways, it is predominantly bad and gradually getting worse. Meanwhile, don’t be fooled;


Roy Ratcliffe (February 2023)

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1 Response to CLASS STRUGGLES IN 2023.

  1. Tony Taylor says:

    Great piece, Roy, raising al manner of questions for discussion. Amongst them are such questions as the Gang of Exploiters embracing the Climate change agenda, imposing vaccination programmes and so on. Thanks for the stimulus.

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