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The capitalist mode of production has always attracted criticism, predominantly for its effects upon the poor, the underprivileged and the working classes. The unremitting greed of those who accumulate prodigious wealth directly or indirectly through their connections with capitalist production … Continue reading

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An interesting observation was made recently (February 2015) by Yanis Varoufakis, a senior member of the new government of Greece.  In wishing to fulfil the election promises of the Syriza Party to end austerity, Yanis was seeking to influence the … Continue reading

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1939 – 1945! CAPITALISMS 2nd GLOBAL WAR!

In a previous article, (1914 – 1918: Capitalisms First Global War,) documentary evidence was presented, to support an assertion that the mainstream media and historians in the west generally ignore. The contention in that article was that; the underlying economic … Continue reading

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1. Capitalism has long outlived any historical usefulness its many advocates may have claimed. As a system of economic and social organisation it creates the following existential contradictions: Obscene extremes of poverty and wealth; continual wars over resources and markets; … Continue reading

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Who wants a ‘Party of the People’? Recently there has been a number of calls from within the UK anti-capitalist left, for the formation of a ‘party of the people’ to rescue the working class from the current crisis and … Continue reading

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