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Have you ever wondered why in modern religions, the designated creative, super power of the universe is invariably classed as invisible yet is always conceived as being male? Do you, like me, wonder how such a gender specific fact could … Continue reading

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For some years now there has been a campaign in Japan to publicise the ‘hidden’ history of the existence and treatment of ‘comfort-women’ during the Second World War. These were women who were mainly forced into prostitution to service the … Continue reading

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1. Capitalism has long outlived any historical usefulness its many advocates may have claimed. As a system of economic and social organisation it creates the following existential contradictions: Obscene extremes of poverty and wealth; continual wars over resources and markets; … Continue reading

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The recent advances by the armed forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) further into Iraq and the subsequent skirmishes, has at last demonstrated what has long been clear. It is that militant patriarchy in the … Continue reading

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It is clear that in the 20th and 21st centuries, terror has taken many forms. The most frequently publicised forms of terrorism in the western media are those in which guns and bombs are used by against civilian and military … Continue reading

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The recent pronouncement (May 2013) by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Cantebury, that UK television ought to give a high profile to religion, raises an important question. His elite male desire to have religion “stitched into our public life” brings to … Continue reading

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A) The global reach of Patriarchy. The title of this article came to me after watching several seemingly unrelated news items. These were followed by reading several anti-capitalist discussion documents concerning the importance of Lenin to the anti-capitalist struggle. Then … Continue reading

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